Zoom and In-person sessions offered.

Approaches to Therapy


  • We begin talking together at whatever level you need: as an individual, a couple, a family; or if you are seeking to join a therapy group, a professional supervision group, or wanting help within a work or organizational setting.


  • You are unique. So together we custom tailor therapy to start where you are. We talk together about an approach to meet your needs, at a pace, and a depth with which you are comfortable. We might set goals that are short-term, and/or some longer term. For example, if you want to feel less anxious right now, we might use a CBT/mindfulness approach (e.g. deep breathing for starters) to control anxiety, For a long term goal, we could trace patterns and possible triggers to that anxiety, whether external circumstances, or internal experiences of panic and danger related to feelings or beliefs about which you may be unaware. 
  • My training has been broad-based and eclectic. For over 40 years as a Psychologist, I have trained in numerous theory and practice approaches — e.g. psychoanalysis, CBT, DBT, Existential, Mindfulness, and more.
  • All approaches try to help you become curious and more aware of yourself, of your thoughts, your feelings, your experience of living inside your own skin, and your experience in relationship to other people.
  • Our goal together is for you to feel safe enough to do the work you need to do. Whatever issues you bring, whatever approaches I use, we will work toward your being the kind of person, and live the kind of life, you choose. Our mission is to help you live to your full potential, however your define that.