Zoom and In-person sessions offered.


Psychobiologic Approach to Therapy (PACT) BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT PACT Would you like to…. See through the fog of infatuation? Screen your partner to assess if you are a good match for one another? Understand the biological underpinnings of your relationship connection? Recognize your own and your partner’s relationship styles? Play well and fight well together […]

Payment Fees and Insurance for Couples

1) PAYING FOR THERAPY MY FEES. How much does therapy cost? My current fees are based on $350 per 60 minutes. If you are part of couple, a family, or group your fee is prorated if we meet for shorter or longer than 60 minutes Can you pay with insurance? No.  I accept no insurance […]

Couples Therapy Forms

Required Forms Before 1st Session Optional Forms Required Forms Before 1st Session *Please fill out the following forms before your first session:    General Registration Informed Consent Couple Interaction Form Partner Questionnaire ACE form (Aversive Childhood Experience Video Consent DAS Form Optional Forms How to Budget for therapy (Basic Budget Template)

Approaches to Therapy

My ApproachES to THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF THERAPY: COUPLES THERAPY While I’ve had some training in EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy), AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) and Imago therapy, my main training has been in PACT (Psychobiologic Approaches to Therapy). I’m very excited about how effective and efficient this powerful approach can be. Read more about […]

Getting Started

1) DEFINING “THERAPY” Therapy is a scientifically grounded way to talk about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. The goal is usually to become more “aware” of yourself so that you can overcome your problems, so that you can make better choices and live a happier life. OR, maybe you feel therapy could be helpful, but […]

Getting Started WIth Couples Therapy

Introduction to Therapy for you plus others: I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst trained in a wide range of therapy approaches which includes individual, couples, family, and organizational approaches.I can help you decide what approach best fits your expectations and hopes about changing your life. COUPLES Couples seek therapy for one of three […]