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Interaction Questionnaire

MM slash DD slash YYYY
To help you better in our journey together, I’d like to review your strengths and some important characteristics about how you interact with others. There are no right or wrong responses to the questions below. Please mark only ONE response. We’ll go over you and your partner’s responses together and see how to apply it to our work going forward.
Almost everyone has a dominant style in which they interact with others: Would you say that, in relationship to others, predominantly, you :
What would you say about your partner? does s/he:
When you get upset, & feel somehow threatened, your first [predominant] reaction is:
People also have styles in how they regulate their emotions; Would you say that you are:
When your partner gets upset, & feels somehow threatened, his/her first [predominant] reaction is:
Would you say that your partner is:
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
You are aware of when your emotions are getting aroused?
Your partner is aware when his/her emotions are getting aroused?
After becoming upset, you recover easily
After becoming upset, your partner easily recovers:
You appreciate other[s] reaching out to help [soothe] you
Your partner appreciates others reaching out to help [soothe] him/her
You are able to take your partner’s perspective when different from yours
S/he is able to take your perspective when different from his/hers:
You easily take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, actions
S/he easily takes responsibility for his/her own thoughts, feelings, actions