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Always agreeAlmost always agreeOccasionally disagreeFrequently disagreeAlmost always disagreeAlways disagree
Handling family finances
Matters of recreation
Religious matters
Demonstrations of affection
Sex relations
Conventionality (correct or proper behavior)
Philosophy of life
Ways of dealing with parents or in-laws
Aims, goals, and things believed inportant
Amount time spent together
Making major decisions
Household tasks
Leisure time interests and activities
Career decisions
All the timeMost of the timeMore often than notOccasionallyRarelyNever
How often do you discuss or have you considered divorce, separation, or termination of your relationship?
How often do you or your mate leave the house after a fight?
In general, how often do you think that things between you and your partner are going well?
Do you confide in your mate?
Do you ever regret that you married (or lived together)?
How often do you and your partner quarrel?
How often do you and your mate get on each others nerves?
Every dayAlmost every dayOccasionallyRarelyNever
Do you kiss your mate?
All of themMost of themSome of themVery few of themNone of them
Do you and your mate engage in outside interests together?
NeverLess than once a monthOnce or twice a monthOnce or twice a weekOnce a dayMore often
Have a stimulating exchange of ideas?
Laugh together
Calmly discuss things
Work together on a project
Being too tired for sex
Not showing love
Extremely unhappyFairly unhappyA little unhappyHappyVery happyExtremely happyPerfect
Which of the following statements best describes how you feel about the future of your relationship?(Required)