Zoom and In-person sessions offered.


    In general, the Coach’s job is to use this process to help both of you find common ground, where you can each be responsible for your half of this process, whether you are comfortable or not.
  1. Photo by Joy Dryer
    Wherever you are along this Readiness-to-Separate continuum, people mourn loss and ending in different ways. We work together to help you get past your sense of grief, anger, revenge, despair, loss, regret…whatever your feelings are. And however you wish to talk about them, or not.
  2. Specifically, my over 30 years experience as a Psychologist helps me in my Coaching role, here I:
    Joy Dryer PHD.
    Photo by Ian Shand
    • focus on your feelings and needs, and those of your children. However you feel is our starting point.
    • work with both partners to create the Parenting Plan.
    • take care of the overall process, to be sure the right steps are happening, and to watch out for the inevitable bumps along this difficult road.
  3. Our work together will benefit the entire family, specifically as you and your partner develop:
    • negotiation skills
    • techniques to control your emotions, especially during heated discussions
    • methods to reduce your stress
    • and to feel calmer