Zoom and In-person sessions offered.

Getting Started


  • Therapy is a scientifically grounded way to talk about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. The goal is usually to become more “aware” of yourself so that you can overcome your problems, so that you can make better choices and live a happier life.
  • OR, maybe you feel therapy could be helpful, but are unsure how to describe your sense of unease or unhappiness, where to start, or what to talk about.
  • OR, you may have already decided to seek therapy, then how I might work with you in therapy, what approach , depends upon who you are, and your reason(s) for seeking therapy.


  • H2H ~ Heard to Healing When you phone or email me, we’ll arrange to meet for a consultation session (one or more). I’ll listen to your story.– how you are feeling, where your life is right now, and how you believe you got here. Whether you’ve seen a therapist before or not, my job is to listen carefully and try to clarify your issues. I will give you some feedback and help you think through the following ABC’s.
  • A-B-C’s After talking together, we will do three things during our initial consultation session(s):
  • Try to clarity and to understand your feelings and issues and priorities.
  • We will consider some broad goals for yourself and some specific goals for therapy, to whatever depth you are comfortable.
  • Determine together whether I’m the best person to work with you right now.


The relationship between us contributes enormously to what you get out of therapy. The theory and approach I may use is secondary. So during and after your first session, you may wish to ask yourself: First Session Questions:
  • What does it feel like to “sit with” her?
  • Does she listen well? seem attuned to my feelings? seem to understand me?
  • Does she ask me the important questions about my feelings? my life?
  • Does she challenge me to ‘dig deeper’?
  • Does she ask about, and understand, my developmental context, i.e. how my past influenced my present?
  • Can she be practical boots-on-the-ground if/when I request that?
  • Can I feel whatever I need to with her? sad? vulnerable? joyful? Can I get mad at her? depend upon her?
  • And, does she have a sense of humor? be playful? so I can anticipate having a little fun together during this sometimes difficult journey?



  • How much does therapy cost? My fees vary depending upon the type of consultation you are requesting: individual, couple, family, organizational systems. Call me and we can discuss your financial questions.
  • Can you pay with insurance? No. Because I accept no insurance plans, Instead, I make available several session times for those who need a reduced fee.
  • Can you afford it? I hope we can work out a fee you can afford. My goal is to try my best to assist everyone who needs help. When I began working as a Psychologist over 30 years ago, insurance companies did not dictate then, as they do now, how professionals should fulfill our responsibilities, nor how much we would get paid. If you can not afford my full fee, we can talk together to see if we can find a reduced fee that is mutually acceptable. While, I do not accept any insurance plans, your insurance company may reimburse you for an “out-of-network” psychologist like myself.