Zoom and In-person sessions offered.


I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst trained in a wide range of therapy approaches.

We can decide together what expectations and hopes you have about changing your life. Here are some issues on which we can work together:

  1. AD(H)D: understanding why you may be disorganized, distracted, procrastinate starting or finishing a project, or feel generally unfulfilled in your life;
  2. Anxiety or worries: panic attacks, phobias, obsessive thoughts, compulsive actions, social anxiety;
    • anger: managing it, understanding what might be under the anger;
    • stress that can show up as sleep or eating problems, physical pains, or feeling overwhelmed;
  3. Creativity blocks: in business or in the arts, at work or at home;
    • work struggles, or enhancing personal effectiveness and performance;
  4. Depression: with high, low and/or swing moods;
    • loss: grieving and healing after disappointment or loss;
  5. Relationship, intimacy, or sexual concerns:  with folks in “traditional” or non- traditional relationships;
    • dependency, if you rely on others in ways that make you feel uneasy, even trapped;
  6. Self-state concerns: self-esteem, self-confidence, self/ body- image or eating distortions;
    • emotion regulation and a sense of self-constancy