Introduction to Therapy for you plus others:

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst trained in a wide range of therapy approaches which includes individual, couples, family, and organizational approaches.

I can help you decide what approach best fits your expectations and hopes about changing your life.


You and your partner may be committed to working on improving your relationship.  I use the powerfully efficient and effective method called PACT (Psychobiologic Approach to Couples Therapy).  Click this link to learn more about PACT.) 

You and your partner may be undecided about staying and working on your relationship, or separating and working toward an amicable separation  (possibly divorce).  

My role in your decision is carefully and completely neutral.  My role is to frame the ‘right’ questions so you together can make a well-informed decision (again, hopefully together). 


      1. . Seeking to work on your relationship in couples therapy. I use a powerful, highly efficient and effective method called PACT.
      1. You and your partner may be undecided about whether to stay together: we can set up a consultation together to help you frame the “right” questions.
      1. If you’ve decided (or close to it) to separate (maybe even divorce, which is an additional step) from your partner, and would like to do so amicably, see Divorce.


      1. . Seeking help as a family
      1. I work with teens, parents, and any or all members of your family, in any combination; whether or not you are in a ‘traditional’ relationship; I’ve worked with many same sex couples as well as with those in domestic partnerships.


      1. . All of us belong to groups in almost every aspect of our lives. Join a therapy process group to practice ‘here and now’ experiencing, how you become aware of what you feel, and how you respond to others.


    1. . You may struggle with work issues in your organization and are seeking personal coaching,how to deal with a difficult boss or co-worker, or more process change intervention at any level in your organization’s system.