Zoom and In-person sessions offered.

I can help you frame the right questions and your options at one of life’s most difficult times:

  • As a Mediator
  • as a general Divorce Consultant
  • as a Collaborative Divorce Coach
  • What’s the difference between separation and divorce? 
  • Which  divorce process is best for  you?  
  • How will separation/divorce impact my life? My kids? Other family members?
  • How long will the process take?
  • How much might it cost?
  • Will I be OK afterward?

My offer to you:

 My office is a safe, neutral environment for you and your partner to explore options, to calm your feelings, and to enhance your skills. I offer a comprehensive approach to generating creative possibilities and empowering your voice. The process of divorcing may seem like a vast unchartered expanse. You may feel sometimes like a small dot on that landscape. So, my approach tries to keep you centered inside who you are, focused on your values, and your underlying interests. This can help you prioritize and feel in some control when you hit the inevitable bumps in the road.  

If, and how, you choose to end your marriage or partnership is a profound decision that will affect the rest of your life, and the lives of your family members. This process is not easy. But with the right information and negotiation and conflict resolution tools, working together we can minimize the emotional and practical difficulties you are facing.

My site will help you take the first steps to making informed decisions and to integrating emotional, legal, and financial choices.

Explore this site to understand better how I can help, or call (917) 816-8882 or email Drjoy@joydryerphd.com for more information.

Very often a couple will come into my office and one or both partners are unsure if they are sure, or ready, to separate.  

Click this link:  what do we mean by “ready”?

Many couples will  choose a sensible next step: one (or  a few) session(s) of Couples Psychotherapy.   We focus on how your relationship got into this mess,  and what options you have now.  I emphasize deciding together what’s best for your family (esp. if you have kids). 

Photo by Joshua Mora
Photo by Joshua Mora
  • Press the Pause Button
  • Sit. Consider.
  • Understand your reasons, and wish to move into action.
  • And why now.
  • You can always separate in a few weeks, a few months. [How long have you “waited” already?!]
  • Honor yourself (and your partner) by understanding why you wish to separate.

*NB.:  I consider these counseling sessions as therapy, unlike coaching which is not covered by insurance.  I can give you a bill with a CPT-4  “90847 Couples Therapy” code. You can check with your insurance company if you will get reimbursed for an “out-of-network” Psychologist like myself