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Experience and Tools: a 4-field integration:

I do this work using my trainings, experiences, and various tools integrating a background from 4 specific fields: Journalism, Clinical Psychology, Divorce Mediation/ Coaching, and Organizational Psychology:

With my depth and breadth of experience over  4 decades,  I can tailor how we work together to meet your individual needs. Each field has honed my expertise:
  • ”observational listening,” from a ‘detailed inquiry’ perspective, since my college journalism days.
  • through my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and as an Associate Adjust Professor, I learned to teach and supervise graduate students by starting where the learner was emotionally. Then we educate by adding the cognitive aspects of information.
  • I started off in Developmental Psychology, so I also have a strong background in how children develop emotionally and cognitively.
  • to coaching those who plan to separate and/or divorce.
  • finally to an organizational context where processes among people have a ‘forest’ view in addition to individual ‘trees’. I’ve worked in business and organizational settings, so understand how a separation/divorce can effect your work life.
This background helps promote a “systems” view in the context of looking at a divorcing couple as the court might, and well as to work with the complexities of working with a Team (either a co- Mediation team, with review attorneys, or a Collaborative Divorce team, where up to 7 professionals could be involved.)

Dr. Joy Dryer’s CV and Credentials