Zoom and In-person sessions offered.


A couple may come into my office and one or both people are unsure if separating is their next best step. Or,  I will say to them, from what you’ve just told me,  to my professional ears you do not sound prepared to make the serious step to separate.  What do I mean by “ready”?

COUPLES PSYCHOTHERAPY is one of the formats my therapy practice offers to you. [See www.psychotherapyworksny.com ]

Photo by Joshua Mora
Photo by Joshua Mora
  • Press the Pause Button
  • Sit. Consider.
  • Understand your reasons, and wish for action.
  • And why now.
  • You can always separate in a few weeks, a few months. [How long have you “waited” already?!]
  • Honor yourself (and your partner) by understanding why.
Learn More *NB.:  I consider these counseling sessions as therapy, unlike coaching which is not covered by insurance.  I can give you a bill with a CPT-4  “90847 Couples Therapy” code. You can check with your insurance company if you will get reimbursed for an “out-of-network” Psychologist like myself.